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How to Start Reselling
Shared hosting resellers start out by purchasing a Starter 4pack Plan. Their main reseller account is added from the bulk plan and it is under this plan that they can resell account plans as outlined lower on this page. As a shared hosting reseller out grows their current number of accounts available, they simply purchase another Shared Hosting Reseller Plan in packs of 5 accounts.
To get started as a shared hosting reseller, you must purchase a Starter Reseller 4pack Plan. From that package your personal webhosting business account is added ( still leaving 4 remaining accounts to resell ) and you in turn mark up and resell the remaining plans for your profit.

The account that is added from your 4pack reseller package is for your own domain name and web pages to promote your web hosting business. Along with this plan you will be provided with a Web Host Manager to manage your reseller hosting accounts.

5 Accounts per Reseller Pack
Shared Hosting Reseller Plans can be purchased in 5 Packs. 5 packs are purchased according to Hosting Account type (My Blade, Big Blade). For example, 5 pack My Blade would be 5 My Blade accounts that you can resell each month.

Setting Up Your Resold Accounts and How Billing Works:
Web Host Manager: This is where accounts included in the Reseller Packages are setup. When a reseller sets up an account through this manager, the system reduces their bulk package by 1 account plan, then forwards the reseller an email containing the new accounts username, and password. When a reseller reaches the limit for their Reseller Plans they will be prompted that they have no further plans available. At this point the reseller will need to visit the Reseller areas of this website to purchase an additional Shared Hosting Reseller Plan.

Upgrading Reseller Packs & Billing
Shared hosting reseller billing varies according to when they add each reseller pack. The month in which each reseller plan is added to the resellers total accounts available then becomes the next billing date for that reseller pack each year.

Terminating Accounts
When a reseller terminates an account, the system generates a message of the termination and emails it to the reseller. The system in turn adds a plan back into the resellers available account base. NOTE: The system does not automatically downgrade resellers account numbers, these decreases must be requested by the reseller through the reseller areas of this website.

Downgrading Number of Reseller Accounts
In the event that a Reseller wants to reduce the number or resold accounts, the reseller visits the Reseller areas of this website and submits the form to downgrade the number of plans. The most recent billing date added (last time an upgrade package was added) to our billing systems will be the first to be removed under a LiFo billing system update.

Personal DNS Server Names
Use your own DNS server names for your customers, such as Though our servers are generic, you can brand and create the professional image of being your own independent hosting company.

Private Label Account Names
Rename our plans to names of your choice. Simply ask for a custom name package after your account is initailly setup.

Any Time Money Back Guarantee & Refunds
Our Any Time money back guarantee gives you the confidence of not being stuck with reseller packs if you cannot sell them in a timely manner. See our AnyTime Money Back Guarantee age for more details ( click here ). We do not refund additional fees incurred for reseller accounts.

My Blade Plans

New Resellers - Sign up Here
Starter Reseller 4 Pack - My Blade Accounts with 5th account for your hosting business.

Free domain name for your hosting business.

$16.95 per month + $25 setup OR $195 per year with $0 setup

Shared Hosting Resellers - Add Accounts Here
Reseller Upgrade 5 Pack - My Blade accounts. $2.35 each per month
Reseller Upgrade 5 Pack - My Blade accounts. $1.995 each /month for 1 year

Big Blade Plans

New Resellers - Sign up Here
Starter Reseller 4 Pack - Big Blade accounts with 5th account for your hosting business.

Free domain name for your hosting business

$24.25 per month + $25 setup OR $279 per year with $0 setup

Shared Hosting resellers - Upgrade Here
Reseller Updgrade 5 Pack - Three Blades. $3.99 each per month
Reseller Updgrade 5 Pack - Three Blades. $3.55 each /month for 1 year

Note: Free Domain names for clients are not available with Big Blade accounts within Reseller Packs

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